VTEX has a unique and exclusive range of the best safety products that are available to the mining and manufacturing industry.

  • VTEX ventilation products / Ventronic / Vent tubes / Vent tube fittings / Continues miner transitions & custom carbon fiber fittings.
  • VTEX safety collars – NATA certification / Carbon fiber.
  • VTEX composite mining truck wheel covers / Best solution to over heating electric brakes on your dump trucks eliminating downtime with melting covers.
  • VTEX tire air seal / No more punctures- No more down time – Environmentally safe – Reusable & Will not damage rims at all.

Safety Collars

VTEX Safety collars are an innovative safety device constructed from carbon fiber to reduce weight offering a safer solution to the traditional steel and timber support options when it comes to supporting hydraulic rams and equipment when servicing and repairing on-site or in the workshop. VTEX can make to size and specifications and are lockable so that your team remains safer during tasks.

Ventilation Tubes & Fittings

VTEX Ventilation tubes and fittings are the premium product to the mining market. The facts are that these are the Safest / Strongest and best overall performing ventilation products. All are FRAS rated and certified to ensure you are safe and compliant. Available in the following sizes 2500 mm overall length 618mm/720mm/760mm with male and female ends. VTEX also has the full range of fittings to compliment our tubes. VTEX is also able to customize any fittings or sizes that your operation might need.


VTEX Ventronic device is a bladeless air mover with no moving parts making this the ideal solution in the harsh mining and manufacturing conditions it was designed to service. The VTEX Ventronic has been utilized to provide ventilation to overdrives and mining stubs in many underground mining operations in Australia. We are also able to design to help with cooling and dust suppression keeping your work force safer and more productive.

VTEX Tyre Air Seal

VTEX tire seal has also moved from a testing phase with outstanding results. The benefits to your fleet are listed to make your decision to implement easy.

  • Instantly seals punctures in all pneumatic tires
  • Will not damage tire or rim
  • Tire runs cooler
  • Re-usable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic & Non-Flammable

Electric Dump Truck Composite Wheel Covers

VTEX wheel covers have been recently introduced and trialed with outstanding results. With direct comparisons to the others on the market these out performed all hands down. Higher temperature tolerances with added strength & weight characteristics our wheel covers are the Safest and best option for your truck fleet for those looking to maximize utilization of your fleet.